Corporate Profile

About the founders of Vialpha group

Vialpha group was founded in 2012 by 3 entrepreneurs who have gained experience and success for a long time. Founders of Vialpha group who share their knowledges -they have gained up to this point- with customers, hold office in numerous medium and higher-up level executive duties; from sales director to factory director; from foreign trade manager to process manager. They have given important services local and foreign, macro level firms in different sectors like automotive, aircraft and tourism. Besides English, They know terminalogy of foreign trade as a mother tongue for their customers as.

Achievement is proven by experience

Vialpha Group with twenty-year experience of founders, qualified labor force and existing foreign relations, undertakes business development mission in international markets and bring together variety of productions in the world markets. The important capital of Vialpha Group that keeps one step ahead of their competitor thanks to build-up over years; is human capital and experience of this fund in different sectors. Vialpha Group has a great experience in sectors which have automotive, education, media and consumer durables. All world is the playground of Vialpha Group!.


I believe that being born in Germany underpins self disciplined and planned working life. I completed my educational background at Istanbul technical University in 2000 accomplishedly. After that, my taking the first step to working life of one Japanese firm made me adopt Japanese life and system. I continued my career by making higher up management for many firms in different sectors and cultures. In the advancing years, High level management that I made in “Uzel” which was in crisis period, ensured to enrich my knowledge by providing high experience. Thank to all these knowledge, I gave training and consultancy services for many firms at both foreign and domestic in different areas ( crisis management, management, fiscal and financial). The consultancy service took an important role of crisis period of firms and so, they can easily pass this depressed term. In addition to my career, I have also experienced conceptualizing and administrating the project of overseas investment in Turkey, managing of crisis and institutionalization period in many sectors (building trade,food ındustry,energy etc..). I have maintained my activities victoriously together with my partners and coworkers..


I was born in Kayseri,1977. After graduation the department of psychocgy in university of economy, Izmir, I had also graduated the department of local administration in Eskişehir and started to take office in the German-Turks partnered company “Edosan” as high level executive. In the same period, I was on duty the local executive consultancy to district municipality, general coordinator in magazine the ” Türkiye konuşuyor”, vice president in “Taced”. I have experienced in firm making trade in the fields of building, real estate, fuel, information technology.