Founder Chairman

He was born in Germany in 1978 and completed his primary school, secondary school and high school in Bafra county the Samsun that is his hometown. He had studied departmant of aircraft engineer of Istanbul technical university as bachalor degree in between 1995-2000. After the graduation, He had began post graduate in departmant of automotive the Faculty of Engineer in 2001. He started to take an active role in alumni association of Istanbul technical university as a member after the graduation.

His career was started with an experienced Japanese firm in automotive sector and with all knowledge that he aquired in this company, generated his own main goals as career-wise. Then, He met with foreign cultures and acquired global view by taking pioneering role at restructuring and development of the“Baretta” in Turkey as well. In the forthcoming years, He enriched his acknowledges with managerial activities that he performed in “Uzel” during its crises.

He provided consultancy services of automotive sector in some countries like India and Russia. Beside that, He played an effective role at passing on to production activities of Spanish who purchased firms in Turkey as well. In addition, He continued his career by giving colsultancy services in crises management and various areas(management,fiscal and financial). He took an influential role at some firms during a time of crisis and provided to make some firms pass these crisis terms thanks to his ability that acquired via his experiences.

In 2012, He went into business by founding Vialpha and by gathering whole consultancy services under a single roof together with his strategic partners.

And now, He proceed his career as high level executive; by conducting activities of invesment project in the company of “Gebze Technology”and company union of “ The Pak”; by supporting the business development and customer analysis projects; by creating added-value in area of corporate reconstruction and making colsultancy service for high level executives

He has never forgotten the hometown Bafra in Istanbul and affiliated with association of “Kadıköy Bafra” and he was selected board of directors in the same association. In 2014 He began to take office in federation’s activities of “Association of Samsun Federation( SAMDEF) as a member of board of director. Although He doesn’t work on the sector of aircraft, has never forgotten his coworkers and takes an active role in whole aircraft engineer’s activities as well.

Acar who married with two children, helps the successful university students so that he shares his experienced with posterity by offering chance of part time job to determining their goals of future.