Human Resources

Our Human resources Philosophy

Vialpha group’s HR policy is based on alignment of corporate and individual targets. Therefore, keeping corporate commitment at high levels and having the corporate culture adopted and embraced by everyone are of great importance. We always give particular importance to teamwork, commitment to the company and corporate culture and our primary goal in the realm of HR is to have our employees be proud of corporate achievements as well as individual accomplishments.

Our corporate culture is built upon ensuring our employees to establish fair, trustful, warm and appropriate relationships with the company and we regard integrity as the ultimate asset in our individual/company relationship.


All employees in Vialpha Group have equal rights. Distinctive features of our employees, such as nationality, beliefs, ethnic origin, gender, disablement, political views and ages are regarded as diversification in terms of human resources, and individuals are never judged for their personal differences. Personal and professional records of the employees are kept in our tailored HR software called “mydmg", storing employees’ all personal and professional details from their educational/training backgrounds and achievements to the payroll information. The software preserves all private and personal information of all employees in high confidence, with regards to all private and corporate issues.

In case of legal amendments in any relevant laws, regulations and codes and/or acts on the rights and obligations of corporate employees, such amendments are applied as promptly as possible to the corporate practice of Vialpha Group and all other group companies. The Group organizes training sessions for employees when needed.